The Main Reasons Why Mechanical Seals Get Damaged in Pumps

In a number of industries, the pumps play an important role in day-to-day processes. Mechanical seals play an important role in avoiding any leakage from the rotating shaft and the stationary pump casing. A lot of industries though face issues with frequent damage caused to the mechanical seals which in reality should not happen.

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The First thing that comes in mind that there might be some quality problem with the seal but when it happens with seals from different companies, we need into dig more in the situation. According to the reputed mechanical seal manufacturer in India, the following 6 reasons are found to be the major causes of damage to the mechanical seals.

  1. Dry pumps: For the longer life of a mechanical seal, it is very important that it get lubricated with the liquid that flows in the pump. If you let it dry out, a minor shock can shatter the whole seal in seconds.
  2. Unnatural vibrations: If there is some imbalance in the pump or it is not properly aligned, it may cause vibrations which are not common. These vibrations can cause damage to the seals as they fail to counter the effect.
  3. The use of hammer: When it comes to pumps, hammers are not a good friend. The mechanical seals are strong under certain conditions but they are too fragile to tolerate any hammering.
  4. Operational errors: There is a proper procedure that the operator has to follow before starting the pump. In case the security procedures and regular functional checks are not done, a sudden shock or vibration may occur which can cause the damage to the mechanical seals.
  5. Improper inclusion or complete disregard of the flush plan: Mechanical flush plans are very critical. If the proper flush plan is not present, the contamination may cause severe damages to the seals.
  6. Improper selection of the seal: It is very important to choose the right seal for your project. In case you choose the wrong seal for your pump, you have opened doors for the damage from the very first second.

Mechanical seals are designed to last for longer period of time and if you are facing issues with the seal, you should contact a good mechanical seal manufacturer in Ahmedabad who can help you in proper selection.


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